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The LifeGuides Network is personalized human support, combining active listening, empathy and shared Life Experiences in the most relatable and effective manner.

LifeGuides pairs people who are going through a specific Life Challenge with Guides who have gone through the same Life Challenge. As Match.com pairs people for love, and Doctor-On-Demand finds doctors for patients, we match a Guide to each employee’s specific Life Challenge.

Outcomes for an enterprise can include:​

Reduce Demands on Supervisors and Your HR Team

Life Challenges are inevitable

Everyone deserves experienced and personalized guidance

How It Works

How partnering with LifeGuides works for your employees

Activate Your Account

Your employees can easily activate their account online.

Well-Being Concierge

Your employees call our personal Well-Being Concierge team for their annual well-being meeting or to simply ask questions. Our Well-Being Concierges will listen to their needs and match them with a Guide.

Talk With a Guide

Your employees talk confidentially with a Guide who has first-hand experience with their Life Challenge.

Access to personalized resources

Your employees can access personalized, expert-curated resources through our Intelligence Assistance ™ Software.

Life Challenge Channels

Explore Life Challenges supported

Your employees are never alone with LifeGuides

What are people saying about LifeGuides

We believe that serving all of our stakeholders is critical to our success.
"Like Match.com pairs people for love, LifeGuides pairs someone in the midst of a Life Challenge, to a Guide who has successfully overcome the identical life event."

Will Bunker
Founder, Match.com
"LifeGuides is a genius idea! It’s a brilliant platform for caring people to connect and help others in need; a remarkably effective way to deliver real benefit to your stakeholders. Highly recommended for all who aspire to lead Healing Organizations!"
Michael Gelb
Author of: "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci", "Innovate Like Edison", "Creativity on Demand"

Growing a Platform for Caring People to do Extraordinary Good

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