When Your Employees Thrive, Your Business Thrives.

When Your Employees Thrive, Your Business Thrives.

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“LifeGuides matches an employee to an empathetic Guide who has successfully navigated the same life event.”

– Will Bunker, Founder of Match.com, Board Member of LifeGuides®

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr

LifeGuides® is delighted to announce Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., the President and CEO of SHRM, has joined as Chairman of the LifeGuides® Social Impact Council.


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There's Always A Human Story Behind Productivity

Everyone brings their whole life to work.

Caring for your team is a highly pragmatic approach to business.

Happier people are more productive, creative and fun.

Will Bunker headshot

“LifeGuides matches an employee to an empathetic Guide who has successfully navigated the same life event.”

– Will Bunker, Founder of Match.com, Board Member of LifeGuides®

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“I have been in HR for 30 years. When I first saw LifeGuides® I immediately thought “Where have you been all my career?” I would have loved to implement this amazing employee wellness program at every company I worked.”

– John Staines, Partner and Human Capital Practice Leader, Calibre One, Global Executive Search Firm

How LifeGuides® Works

LifeGuides® helps your employees be at their best – learn, grow and thrive. Employees choose from a community of Certified LifeGuides® with matched life experience in one of 400+ topics of Personal Growth, Lifelong Learning, and Life Challenges.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting started is fast and easy: 1) Select from 400+ topics. 2) Choose your personal Guide. 3) Schedule a conversation by video or phone.

  • Wellbeing Action Plan
  • Learning to Meditate
  • Embracing Change
  • Cultivating Empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Law of Attraction
  • Being Entrepreneurial
  • Creating a Life Plan
  • Failing Forward


  • Wellness Action Plan
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Quality Sleep
  • Healthy Eating & Diet
  • Fitness & Weight Control


  • My Identity
  • Belonging
  • Dealing with Discrimination
  • Resilience & Adaptability
  • Being a Minority


  • Living your Purpose
  • Accountability Partner
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • The Power of Gratitude


  • Living with an Illness or Disease
  • Dementia of a Loved-One
  • Cancer of a Loved One
  • Personal Cancer
  • Caregiving


  • Remote Work & Productivity
  • Empathetic Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Unconscious Bias / DE&I
  • Time Mgt & Procrastination


  • Pregnancy, Adoption & Fertility
  • Raising a Family / Single Parenting
  • Divorce, Break-up & Marriage
  • Aging Parents or Dementia
  • Military Service / Family


  • Forgiveness & Gratitude
  • Translating Workplace Skills
  • Veteran Well-being
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Veteran Identity & Belonging
  • Navigating the VA


  • Parenting a Child with a Disability
  • Live Your Best Life with Chronic Illness
  • Living with An Invisible Disability
  • Finding Available Support /Resources
  • Disability Advocacy ADA
  • Disability Does Not Define Me


Select Topics

Based on where you are in your life journey, select topics of interest in Personal Growth, Professional Development, Lifelong Learning, and Life Challenges.

Choose Your Guide

Browse profiles to select a Guide that feels right for you, matched to your life experience, background and personality.

Schedule your Guide Session

  • Unlimited access, confidential, no judgment, no stigma, no dogma
  • Short, or long-term relationships + switch Guides at any time
  • Connect by video, phone, text or chat


More Casual than Therapy, More Qualified than a FriendTM

1. Talk

Talk to your empathetic Guide about anything, confidentially.

2. Learn & Grow

Learn & develop new skills, set goals,
grow and thrive.

3. Navigate

Enjoy support from someone who has walked the path ahead of you.

Introducing Our Guides Community

Our Certified LifeGuides® are amazing humans, who love helping others on their life journey. They are highly qualified based on their life experiences, credentials, and education.

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Phillip B.

Being HIPAA compliant, learn how we Select, Train, Quality Control, Support and Certify Guides.

Surprisingly Affordable $4.00 Per Employee Per Month*


  • 100% employer-paid, no co-pay
  • Covers all adult members of a household
  • Unlimited access to one-to-one sessions
  • Fixed pricing and other options are available

*$4 PEPM is based on a minimum number of employees

Employees Love their Guide Sessions


Member Rating

Employees rate their Guide sessions 4.75 stars out of 5.


Rebook Rate

Over 85% of members rebook and schedule recurring sessions.


Net Promoter Score

Employees recommend LifeGuides® to other employees 91% of the time.

Over 85% of members rebook and schedule recurring sessions.

Filling the Gap as the "Whole Person & Whole Life" Solution

Unlimited one-to-one Certified Guide sessions at an affordable price with no employee co-pay.

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What HR Leaders Are Saying

John Staines
Over my 30 year career in HR, I have had the privilege of leading global HR organizations at Cigna, The GAP, Mattel, PepsiCo, and many more. I saw LifeGuides for the first time and immediately thought “Where have you been all my career?” I would have loved to implement this amazing employee wellbeing program at every company I worked.

- John Staines, Human Capital Practice Leader, DHR Global, Global Executive Search Firm
Robyn Jordan
I couldn't be more proud to be a partner and live this mission, sponsor it and guide it. We have embraced it, we’ve embraced LifeGuides. I am also the person who has gone to the office literally every day since March 13th, and you guys have helped me through it and helped so many in our organization. It really brings to heart what LifeGuides is doing.

- Robyn Jordan, Senior Managing Director, Employee Experience, DriveTime
Chester Elton
With the pandemic, anxiety, employee well-being, mental health are big issues in the workplace. When you lower those anxieties by being able to talk about them with a Guide, innovation goes up, retention goes up, productivity goes up. There are so many benefits with having LifeGuides for your employees.

- Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick, Best-Selling Co-Authors, Anxiety At Work
We believe that an entrepreneur's mental health is key to the success of their business. LifeGuides has truly been a lifeline for the entrepreneurs in our program. By offering personalized, empathetic, human support, they have provided the much needed support for the small business owners in our program. Thank you LifeGuides.

- Better Business Bureau, Empower GoDaddy Accelerator, Pacific Southwest
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Everyone Wins

Organizations Enjoy Strong ROI

  • Lowers Presenteeism Loss
  • High Perceived Value to Employee Families
  • Saves Managers Time

Leaders Enhance Culture of Caring

  • Make your employees feel the true empathy of leadership
  • Reinforce a “Culture of Caring”
  • Supervisors elevate their team with easy intro’s to LifeGuides® with no stigma

Employee Families Thrive

  • Personalized support from someone who has walked the path ahead of you
  • Improved wellbeing and vitality, with reduced stress
  • Guides help ALL adult household family members thrive

How Is Presenteeism Impacting Your Organization?

Presenteeism costs companies $12,000 per employee per year*
Presenteeism cost is 7X higher than Absenteeism

*Based on CDC, GCC, EHS Today, and Virgin Pulse estimating the cost of Absenteeism and Presenteeism for U.S. businesses.

LifeGuides® Is Revolutionizing Behavioral Health

As a new category in Telehealth, LifeGuides® is modernizing the peer-to-peer model with the Guides Community sharing life experience and empathetic connection.

Launch Any Time. It’s Quick & Easy.

LifeGuides® can be inserted into your Benefits Plan at any time, off cycle. It is quick and easy to launch, easy to administer, with customized employee communications.