Caring for a Loved-One and Overwhelmed?

You are not alone. Connect with a Guide who has been in your shoes and can help.

  • Save Time & Money
  • More Peace of Mind
  • Greater Safety

What is LifeGuides?

  • LifeGuidesis Creating a Platform to Share Life Experience to Help Others.
  • A Peer-to-Peer, live conversation network, to simplify dealing with a love one with Alzheimers.
  • We use technology to facilitate empathetic, Human-to-Human connection.

You will...

Choose a Personal Guide
You select your experienced & trained guide.
Talk to your Guide
Schedule a 50 minute call. Reduce your struggle now.
Access a Curated Library
Get access to our expert-curated Alzheimer's resource library.

Your Guide Will...

Give Expert Help
Guides are trained to provide guidance, hope & empathy.
Relate to Your Experience
Each guide has been interviewed to ensure they have already experienced your current Life Challenge.
Direct you to the right Resources
Guides will be your concierge to our resource library.



“I was a caregiver for both of my parents while being a single mom and it was incredibly hard. I felt so alone and down at times… I wished I had someone there to vent to and bounce ideas off of. I’m so grateful that we get to lighten the load for others with LifeGuides.”



“LifeGuides helped me focus on what my highest priority was at the moment. I was able to move forward and get answers immediately after my phone call. It is a relief to know I can call again for more help like that.”



“As an only child, I don't have many people to turn to in figuring out how to take care of my mom. My LifeGuide has really helped me with that. I already feel much more confident than I did even a few months ago.”

Continue learning, even after your call!

When you schedule a call with a Guide you can get a year subscription to our currated Alzheimer’s specific library of resources.

After your call the Guide will send you a customized list from the library!

Real, Trained Guides

  • Guides are interviewed by our Master and PhD certified staff.
  • They complete our core trainings.
  • Shown skills in Empathy, listening and caring for others.
  • Have a 3 or more star rating on our platform.

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