Elevate the Vitality of Your Employees

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As a Conscious Leader, you value employees as the bedrock of your enterprise. You deeply care about their wellbeing, but you don’t always have the answers, or the time, to help.

Employees enjoy unlimited access to our community of trained Guides with life experiences, to support 200+ categories of Life Challenges, Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning.

Offering LifeGuides expresses profound care for your team’s emotional health.

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Lifeguides connects an employee to a Guide who has successfully navigated the same life event

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Based on CDC, GCC, and EHS estimates, lack of vitality drives Presenteeism loss – an “invisible cost” averaging $12,000/employee per year, which is 7X Absenteeism

Thriving People
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Modernizing Human Support
Introducing Life Guidance Services

Life Guidance Services are one-to-one and truly personalized sessions with a Guide, who has successfully navigated the same life event you are facing.

Outcomes range from active and targeted learning, to empathetic listening, to sharing useful life experience.

Sessions can be video, phone, email or text, and are scheduled on-demand for any number of sessions.

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Unlimited Access to 200+ Topics of Personal Growth, Life Challenges, and Lifelong Learning:

Fill the Gap in your Total Rewards & Wellbeing Strategy

Average Benefits Utilization for LifeGuides Customers:

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Costs Less than a Latte!

Surprisingly Affordable
$4.00 per Employee/Month

  • 100% employer-paid, no co-pay
  • Covers all adult members of a household
  • Unlimited access to one-to-one sessions
  • Fixed pricing and other options are available
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Easy, Friendly & Intuitive for Employees

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Select from the different topic areas of interest below.

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Find the right Guide for you and schedule a call.

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Build a trusted relationship with your Guide and thrive!

Employees Browse Profiles to Select their Guides

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Our Guides Love Helping People on their Life Path

  • More casual than therapy, more qualified than a friend
  • Choose a Guide, who meets you where you are in your life journey
  • Benefit from a short or long-term relationship
  • Unlimited access, confidential, no judgment, no dogma, no stigma

Everyone Wins - Employees, Leaders & the HR Team

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  • Lowers Presenteeism
  • Improves Wellbeing
  • High Perceived Value to Employee Families
  • Reduces Mental Health Utiliization
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  • Managers easily refer employees across a range of life upsets or growth opportunities
  • When appropriate, avoid the stigma of recommending mental health or an EAP
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  • Make employees feel the true empathy of leadership, and reinforce a “Culture of Caring”
  • Support the 70% of employees that will never use classic Mental Health services

What People Are Saying

Adam Goodman says Every month,employees are taking advantage of this powerful support network to help them cope with marital problems, recalcitrant teenagers, debilitating injuries and other difficult situations. Noelle Rooke says The decision to add LifeGuides to our wellness program at BBB was an easy one. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for people to have someone to turn to when they need to work through a life challenge.” Peter Diamandis says LifeGuides is huge. If I had an extraordinarily painful experience, I don't care how humanlike a robot is, there's something in your soul that it connects with others that say: 'I went through this, I know how you feel. Jill G says I was paired immediately with a Guide that was meant just for me and my unique situation. I will not ever forget her and how she walked the start of this beautiful though arduous journey with me!”

Let’s Team Up to Improve Lives

LifeGuides is on a mission to grow the largest community for sharing life experience and empathy, to positively impact the lives of over 1B people within 15 years.

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