Topics: Peak Performance, Pregnancy, Adoption, Infertility



Topics: Embracing Change, Pregnancy, Adoption, Infertility

Phillip B.


Topics: Military Service, Accountability Partner, Self Image…



Topics: Meditation, Change,
Family Conflict…



Topics: Emotional Intelligence, Healthy Eating, Wellbeing…



Topics: Remote Work & Productivity, Conflict Resolution, Time Manage…

Meet Our Guides

Our Guides thrive by helping members on their life journey.

The Guides Community brings a true diversity of life experience, education, credentials, age, ethnicity, world views, and all of the unique characteristics that define us.

The Community of Certified LifeGuides® is carefully curated with people who are gifted listeners, highly resilient, focused on positivity, and expert at mentoring and guiding others.

Our Guides love being Guides. Our members deeply value their Guides.

Browse Guide Profiles

Employees are able to browse Guide profiles by relevant Life Experience, Life Story, Background, Demographics, or any area of personal importance.

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How Do We Select, Train, Monitor And Support Our Guides?

“Can’t wait to be a Guide”

How do we SELECT Guides?

We select people, who have a deep life experience in various areas of life (up to 10), inherent empathy, are great listeners and want to help others on their life path.

  • Screening Steps
  • Background Check
  • 2 personal screening interviews with guide leadership

“I especially love the peer-to-peer training”

How do we TRAIN Guides?

Our Guides become certified after undergoing a 21-module training program, covering the art of active listening, motivational interviewing, and much more.

  • Paid Initial Training with 21 Modules
  • Constant ”Peer-To-Peer” Training
  • LifeGuides® Academy for Lifelong Learning
  • Certification Levels

“The five-star ratings give me great feedback”

How do we Monitor Guide Quality?

We use a variety of methods to ensure members have quality Guide Experiences, including post-calls surveys, member ratings, supervisor reviews, plus periodic evaluations.

  • Ongoing Quality Monitoring by Supervisors
  • One-to-Five Star Ratings by Clients
  • Periodic Evaluations & Testing

“Support from the Guides Community is amazing”

How do we SUPPORT OUR Guides?

We offer comprehensive support and personal development programs for our Guides. This is augmented by our proprietary Intelligence Assistance® technology platform.

  • Intelligence Assistance® software platform
  • Real-Time, In-Session Guide “Knowledge Augmentation”
  • Expert Learning Management System
  • Personalization & Matching of Content for Members

Our Guides Love being Guides.
Our Members Deeply Value their Guides.


Guides NPS

Average NPS of Guides based on community culture.


Rebook Rate

Over 85% of employees doing Guide sessions rebook.

Our Guides bring a Refreshing Authenticity to their Role

  • Sincere humility & genuine curiosity
  • Wise & timely powerful questions
  • No judgment, No stigma, No dogma
  • Happiness mindset
  • Generosity of heart
  • Nourishing the “whole person” and totality of life experiences
  • Serving those feeling excluded or vulnerable

Our Guides Community Adapts & Grows to Meet Customer Needs

  • Our platform is driven by employee choice – they adapt to meet employees’ changing needs overtime
  • A dynamic and responsive Guides Community offers diversity in all dimensions
  • Our Guides community meets employees where they are, reaching traditionally underserved populations
  • Serving Strategic organizational goals & Initiatives, such as DEI, Responding to Natural Disaster, Wellbeing Initiatives and more

What Members Have to Say About Guides

I absolutely love LifeGuides! I work in the healthcare industry and stress and anxiety is experienced by many in our field. I’m so happy I found a place where it allows me to speak to someone that understands our environment and give solid advice. I chose Carrie based on her profile and my intuition, and I’m glad I did. She is understanding, empathetic and knowledgeable with my current situation. Her advice is very helpful.

- Employee Member, 100K+ Employees Major Healthcare System
My guide did a great job of asking questions that helped me articulate my thoughts and feelings about my situation. I really liked that she took time to take notes and recap what my goals were and how I can be focused in each scenario

- Karen B., International Non-Profit Organization
LifeGuides has been an excellent experience in so many ways! The ease to register; the ease to find a match online and then even better, the realization that the match is right on point for me. The attentive listening of my Guide, Dawn Marie, has been excellent too and how she asked how she can support me (I loved that), plus the ideas she shared right away in our first meeting alone were so helpful.

- Amanda G., Legal Industry
"I felt heard! I can't express the relief, the peace that comes from being heard without someone's (friends, pastor, family) established perception of me filtering what they hear.”

- T. I. Hammond, Entrepreneurial Cohort Member
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Introducing Our Guides Community


  • Being a part of a vibrant, empathetic community of extraordinary people
  • Develop deep, one-to-one relationships with Members and Guide teammates
  • Being a LifeGuide is a cool identity


  • Being a Guide is the practice of service-based, generous work
  • Helping Members recognize their potential is “paying it forward”
  • As Guides share wisdom from any painful life event, it gives more meaning to the experience
  • People feel energized by expressing purpose beyond self, by helping others

Being Valued

  • Guides are the core of LifeGuides®‘ visionary mission
  • Guides are sincerely appreciated by Members and the LifeGuides® team
  • While people want to help, finding a match to “receive your gift” is often complex
  • Find validation in being selected by a Member


  • Opportunities to learn and grow through LifeGuides®’ free workshops and programs
  • Become a Certified LifeGuide
  • By exercising loving kindness, Guides feel overall mental/physical health improvements
  • Being paid while doing important and meaningful work!

Our Guide Community Vision

We are building a thriving, living and breathing Guide Community that is centered around sharing wisdom, warmth, empathy, inspiration and guidance toward the best of life. We see the Guide Model as a developing global community united by the common purpose to be of greatest service with our collective wisdom.