The heads, hearts, and hands that help
make LifeGuides possible.

Founded with the goal of reducing human struggle and suffering, LifeGuides is on a mission to grow a platform for caring people to do extraordinary good

Meet Some Of Our Guides

Virginia F.
Senior Guide

Sheila S.
Senior Guide

Marie S.
Senior Guide

Linda P.
Senior Guide

Martha C.
Senior Guide

Lisabeth A.

Carrie B.

Cynthia C.

Dawn Marie D.

Gretchen G.

Isabel G.

Kim H.

Ceasar K.

Scott K.

Carrie L.

Janet Grace N.

Kathryn P.

Brandi R.

Maria R.

Tia R.

Vanessa R.

Kristen S.

Lesley S.

Cynthia W.

And Many More...

Meet Our Behind-The-Scenes Team

Mark Donohue
Founder & Executive Chairman

Derek Lundsten
President & CEO

Aaron Murray
Chief Technology Officer

Eric Aubertin
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Ryan Picarella
Executive VP, Growth & Partnerships

Mark Christensen
Sr. Director, People & Partnerships

Stephan Vincent
Sr. Director, Guide & Client Services

Dan Kline
Sr. Director, Guide & Client Services

Kathryn Patten
Director, Client Success Operations

Gretchen Grove
Director, Client Success

Sharon Steeley
Sr. Director, Marketing

Meet Our Strategic Advisory Board

Michael J. Gelb

Jennifer Borislow, CLU

Heath Dieckert

Sylvia Benito

Dr. Christopher Jones

Jody Holzman

Serguei Netessine

Bob Whipple

Martin S. Kurtz

Bob Spoer

George Bandarian II

Mark Mcdonough

Jud Ireland

Courtney A. Seard

Will Wallace

Ryan Bifulco

David Chen

David Hester

Jim Link

Meet Our Board

Will Bunker
Board Member

Mark McDonough
Board Member

Mark Donohue
Board Member

Derek Lundsten
Board Member

How critical to you and your business is the emotional health and well-being of your people?