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September 2023

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Appointed Chairman of LifeGuides® Social Impact Council

March 2022

LifeGuides® Honored as “100 Best Arizona Companies” of the Future

February 2022

Eric Aubertin Is Appointed President & Chief of Strategy at LifeGuides®

January 2022

Mark Donohue, Founder of LifeGuides®, Honored As “Top 100 Thought Leader in Trust” by Trust Across America

September 2021

James Brissenden Joins LifeGuides® As Director, Positive Growth

August 2021

Carolyn Gundersen Joins LifeGuides® As Executive Vice President, Enterprise Growth

August 2021

LifeGuides® Appoints David Hester, Ph.D, LMHC, As Senior Director, Guides Community

March 2021

LifeGuides® Team Expands to Miami - A Gateway to North American & Global Expansion

March 2021

EVP of Growth & Partnerships, Ryan Picarella on the "Highway to Well"

February 2021

Ryan Picarella Joins LifeGuides® as Executive VP, Growth & Partnerships

January 2021

CEO Derek Lundsten on Covid and Business Changes

December 2020

CEO Derek Lundsten on the Eliances Heroes Show

November 2020

LifeGuides® Featured in Keynote “Fireside Chat” at TransTech Wellbeing Conference

August 2020

CEO Derek Lundsten providing an overview of LifeGuides®

August 2020

LifeGuides® Models Well-Being Business on Gig Economy

July 2020

The Mental Toll of the pandemic and social unrest.

July 2020

The current pandemic and social unrest in the United States.

June 2020

Is the ongoing social unrest causing a mental health crisis?

June 2020

Discussing Racism In The Workplace

June 2020

Employers Out of Touch with Employee Stress

June 2020

Managers are Clueless of Workers' Covid-19 Stress

June 2020

Employees say their bosses don't understand their stress levels from COVID-19

September 2019

LifeGuides® Announces $1M Follow-on Funding from North Shore Venture Partners as Financing Exceeds $5.5M

September 2019

"The 300 Leaders that will Redefine the Future of Enterprise"

September 2019

Mark Donohue Keynote Fireside Chat with Josh Constine, Editor, TechCrunch

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