Our Vision

We are growing the largest-ever community to advance the Peer-to-Peer learning model of mentorship – to positively impact the lives of 1B within fifteen years.

About LifeGuides

Founded with the goal of reducing human struggle and suffering, LifeGuides is on a mission to positively impact 1 billion people in the next 15 years. We’re doing it by growing a platform for caring people to do extraordinary good.

We invite you to come dream with us.


Our CLEAR Core Values


When We Live Our Values, We:

  • Want to come to work
  • Are empowered
  • Feel valued and heard
  • Are energized (v. drained)
  • Feel included
  • Belong to the organization
  • Are esteemed
  • Have a sense of accomplishment
  • Are ultimately self-actualized

LifeGuides® Founding Principles

We Practice Conscious Capitalism Philosophy

  • Use business as a force for good
  • Elevate humanity through business
  • Make a meaningful difference

Our Culture Deck

Living our core values day after day
Team displayed on a grid in a Zoom meeting

How critical to you and your business is the emotional well-being of your people?