Derek Lundsten

President, CEO

Derek is a proven growth-stage entrepreneur and technology maven, with a specialization in e-learning. In 2012, Derek Founded Scrimmage and has since been Chairman & CEO. Scrimmage is a global software company, focused on personalized education for corporate learners. Derek founded Scrimmage without any venture capital financing, and ultimately grew the enterprise to a seven-figure EBITDA, with two nominations to the “Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.” Scrimmage’s clients include Genentech and a who’s-who of the health care industry.Scrimmage, and Derek, have been the recipient of 26 industry awards from organizations including: Best Places to Work, Chief Learning Officer, The Association for Talent Development, Brandon Hall, Life Sciences Training, The Educator Network and Abundance 360.Scrimmage is recognized for its high employee engagement rate and satisfaction, as indicated by low employee and customer churn, high growth and its philanthropic initiatives.

Derek is a thought leader and speaker on employee growth and engagement at the intersection of technology, innovation and learning. Derek brings a wealth of relevant experience into everything that we do at LifeGuides. He was an early seed investor in LifeGuides for $100,000, and Derek has served smartly as Vice Chairman of the Board, as well as the key strategic advisor to the CEO.