What makes LifeGuides Unique?

LifeGuides fills a void in corporate well-being programs by proactively providing peer-to-peer support for employees going through daily stress to major life challenges. We can prevent many challenges from turning into mental health issues and illnesses – the leading causes for loss of productivity, presenteeism, and absenteeism.

Direct impact on employee emotional health & well-being

Speaking with a professional may be a big step for many people. While talking to a peer (a Guide) who’s been in their shoes, understands what they’re going through from a human-to-human perspective, vs. a professional-to-human perspective, it is often much easier, as a first step to take for your people.

Like coaches, our Guides work with your people to overcome daily stress and life challenges, while providing tailored guidance and a high level of accountability. Unlike professional coaching, LifeGuides is scalable to touch a higher number of employees’ families thanks to its low cost.

High personalization and human connection

Unlike services where your people do not have the ability to choose the person they want to talk to or are limited in the number of interactions, members are able to select a Guide of their choice, via the channel(s) most relevant to them. LifeGuides was also built for long-time intentional support, as our members may choose to have on-going interactions with their preferred Guide(s), building a relationship over time based on empathy, relatability, trust, and accountability.

Business Impact And ROI

With our early adopter cost, LifeGuides doesn’t break the bank. LifeGuides is a low risk, low cost, and immediate impact solution to support your employees and their families – inside and outside of work. We compliment other benefits such as EAPs, Mental Health, coaching services as preventive support.


How critical to you and your business is the emotional health and well-being of your people?