What People Are Saying

Founded with the goal of reducing human struggle and suffering, LifeGuides is on a mission to grow a platform for caring people to do extraordinary good. 

“Every month, at least one or two Goodmans employees are taking advantage of this powerful support network to help them cope with marital problems, recalcitrant teenagers, debilitating injuries and other difficult situations. I know what happens outside of work impacts what happens inside of work and vice versa. We want our people to feel better when they leave work each night than when they arrived that morning. This is why we chose LifeGuides.”
Adam Goodman
CEO at Goodmans Interiors Structures
“The decision to add LifeGuides to our wellness program at BBB was an easy one. LifeGuides has been a wonderful resource for our employees and helps them navigate life challenges. We launched our relationship with LifeGuides in 2019, but now, more than ever, it is necessary for people to have someone to turn to when they need to work through a life challenge. We are grateful to be able to offer this support to our employees through LifeGuides."
Noelle Rooke
VP of Culture and People at Better Business Bureau
"After my divorce, I searched for so many different options for counseling and support. I’m so thankful my employer supports LifeGuides. While I’m grateful for all the ways my company supports mental health, LifeGuides is an affordable and flexible means of getting the support I need. Being able to schedule remote sessions has also been a huge benefit during COVID and having an ongoing touchpoint with someone like Virginia has really made a difference. My Guide has been a godsend and has helped me navigate so many of life’s challenges. She has given me tips, tools, and tricks that have made such an impact in so many different avenues of my life. I now believe that everyone would benefit from the counseling that LifeGuides offers – whatever they are going through. I have recommended LifeGuides to anyone who is seeking counseling and support."
LifeGuide Member
“The day after you posted about LifeGuides I gave the program a try. I was really happy with my experience and will be using it again. When I get a moment to breath I will try to post a blog on it. My life guide is helping me navigate my mother's health care and my new role as a caregiver. Very beneficial!"
LifeGuide Member
“It’s pretty much like talking with a friend.”
LifeGuide Member
“2019 was a hard year so I was excited to be part of the LifeGuides onboarding ambassador group. My Guide was terrific. She helped me use smart goals to shift my mindset out of the funk. It wasn’t just about venting for me. She helped me build a plan. It was really beneficial for me. Thank you LifeGuides."
LifeGuide Member
“My Guide changed my life in 30 minutes.”
LifeGuide Member
“I found it to be very helpful and comforting; she was supportive and had helpful advice for me. I’m looking forward to hopefully scheduling another call with this soon. And I believe this is an excellent service you all are offering to users who need emotional and mental support in a wild and chaotic year.”
LifeGuide Member

How critical to you and your business is the emotional well-being of your people?