Stephan Vincent

Senior Director Engagement Marketing

“Leaders who don’t care about their employees will eventually be surrounded by people who don’t care about their business”.

As a thought leader in Employee Experience and a pioneer in B2E (Business-To-Employee) Marketing, Stephan helps organizations transform their company culture by adopting a CX and brand mindset to increase employee attraction, retention, and engagement. Through his 20+ year experience building and leading teams, he strongly believes that in order to build a winning, inspiring and caring culture, a leader must place its collaborators at the center of his/her strategy. He is very excited to be part of LifeGuides’ Executive Team to help its customers shape a culture of caring and put their employees at the heart of their HR strategy. Stephan leads our B2B, B2E engagement marketing and Client Success teams, and works closely on CX with our Engineering and Guides teams.