3 Key Steps to Conquering Life’s Challenges

We never know when life will throw us a curveball or how we will use it to our advantage. What I do know is that we will each be given challenges and it is up to us to navigate through them in the best way we know-how. What if you began to look at your

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7 Things CEOs Can Do Today to Build A Purpose-Driven Company

Written by: Mark Donohue, CEO of LifeGuides CEOs of organizations large and small know that running a business means constantly pushing forward, seeking new ways to grow and innovate. But do you ever take a step back and consider the why – the purpose behind it all? If not, maybe you should. Today, more and

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9 Employee Benefits Offered by the World’s Top Companies

Written by: Mark Donohue, CEO of LifeGuides There was a time when employee benefits were fairly straightforward. Even at leading corporations, perks rarely went beyond the standard medical, dental and 401k package. But as we’re seeing, that time is over. Today, forward-thinking employers are offering workers everything from office nap pods to desk-side acupuncture. And

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The War for Talent and How to Win It

  Written by: Mark Donohue, CEO of LifeGuides Your company deserves the best and brightest employees out there. However, now more than ever, you have to fight to win them. The U.S. jobs report for April 2019 revealed that unemployment has now dropped to 3.6% – the lowest rate since 1969. While this is good

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