A Wholistic Approach To Employee Emotional Well-Being

Why your employees aren’t working to their full potential…and what you can do about it Bringing our whole self to work… and all that it implies. The old-school Work Life Balance has been replaced by Work Life Integration. We no longer work 8-5 and disconnect from work while at home. We all bring our whole

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Holiday Survival Tips: 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Relieve Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially when you’re in the midst of a Life Challenge. Just getting through the holidays can be a challenge in itself! Here are 5 simple ways you can help yourself during the holidays when you’re feeling stressed out: Drink More Water Dehydration isn’t limited to hot weather

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The Real Value of Investing in Wellness Programs for Employees

Written by: Mark Donohue, Founder & Executive Chairman of LifeGuides Everyone knows you can’t work with the flu. Instead, you take time off and return to the office when you’re healthy and able to perform your job. But what about less acute problems? Do life’s persistent, and often unavoidable challenges – caring for a loved

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3 Key Steps to Conquering Life’s Challenges

We never know when life will throw us a curveball or how we will use it to our advantage. What I do know is that we will each be given challenges and it is up to us to navigate through them in the best way we know-how. My greatest challenge came when I was 20

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7 Things CEOs Can Do Today to Build A Purpose-Driven Company

Written by: Mark Donohue, CEO of LifeGuides CEOs of organizations large and small know that running a business means constantly pushing forward, seeking new ways to grow and innovate. But do you ever take a step back and consider the why – the purpose behind it all? If not, maybe you should. Today, more and

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9 Employee Benefits Offered by the World’s Top Companies

Written by: Mark Donohue, CEO of LifeGuides There was a time when employee benefits were fairly straightforward. Even at leading corporations, perks rarely went beyond the standard medical, dental and 401k package. But as we’re seeing, that time is over. Today, forward-thinking employers are offering workers everything from office nap pods to desk-side acupuncture. And

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