Post COVID-19: What’s the Future of Well-Being in the Workplace? – Part 2

Wellness programs have existed for decades. Although the word wellness has changed to well-being, the reality is that it hasn’t changed much at its core. Wellness or well-being initiatives still remain centered in most organizations around physical health, with the sole focus on reducing the employer’s overall insurance premium and the employees’ claims. These old-school

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Post COVID-19: Building a More Human-Centric Workplace – Part 1

What does a human-centric workplace look like? A human-centric workplace means that you put your people in the center of your business strategy. Your employees first, your customers second, then your vendors, your local community, and your shareholders at the end. From a culture standpoint, leaders must answer these two questions: There is no magic

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The Relationship Between Presenteeism, Financial Stress, and Medical Costs

The Relationship Between Presenteeism, Financial Stress, and Medical Costs Defining the Presenteeism Have you ever gone to work but been too overwhelmed or distracted by other things going on in your life to really cross things off your to-do list? Have you noticed fellow employees – whether your supervisors, colleagues, or direct reports – showing

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Great leaders show their vulnerability

Great leaders show their vulnerability Authenticity Many business leaders see vulnerability as a weakness. Great leaders see vulnerability as an asset, according to Emma Seppala. Leaders who truly care about the well-being of their people understand and value the importance of showing vulnerability. Why? Vulnerable leaders inspire, are more authentic, and build bonds that lead

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What employees really want

What employees really want. COVID-19 has put our world upside down. Organizations which never thought remote work could be possible now realize that employees are happier and more productive with flexibility and empowerment. Now is the time to press the reset button and be more employee-centric to really understand what employees want, what drives &

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