How LifeGuides Works

A peer-to-peer emotional health solution with a human approach

LifeGuides is an ecosystem that can reach all of your people, no matter what path feels most comfortable to them. We offer several ways to get support, from live conversations with a Guide to specialized content and resources.

We all seek relief in different ways. That’s why LifeGuides offers several options for tackling both big and small challenges. Our Member Center gives your people access to:
  • Unlimited conversations with a Guide
  • Text or chat with a Guide
  • A Private Online Community
  • Customized resources, webinars, and podcasts

Conversations With a Guide

Through our platform, your team can select a from dozens of Life Challenges, choose a Guide who has been through that same challenge, and schedule a call at a time that works best for them. Members get unlimited calls and can schedule calls with multiple Guides. We take privacy very seriously—all interactions with Guides are completely confidential.

Chat with a Guide

Our platform offers a quick way to confidentially connect and chat with a Guide.

Our Online Community

Our private community gives your people an exclusive space to engage in group discussions with other members and Guides (anonymously, if desired), register to our webinars, and chat 1-1 with a Guide of their choice.

Resources & Content

Members can browse through personalized content with the help of our Intelligence Assistance™ Software. Our helpful, insightful, and inspiring content includes podcasts, webinars, meditations, and blogs with tips to help overcome life challenges and manage stress. 

We Play Well With Others

Already using an EAP or another type of well-being platform? Great! LifeGuides is a completely different type of well-being solution and we can help you fill the gaps that other programs sometimes miss.

How critical to you and your business is the emotional health and well-being of your people?