What’s in it for my people?

Our trained Guides are ready and available to give your employees immediate support.

What makes our Guides so special? They simply are human beings who’ve walked in your people’s shoes and successfully navigated the challenges your employees are facing.

Give your people the gift of a robust community that includes so much more than anxiety and stress relieving conversations.

Through the Member’s Portal your employees have access to:

  • Talk with a Guide

  • Text or chat with a Guide

  • Our Online Community

  • Resources, webinars and podcasts

Talk with a trained Guide

Where your people can:

  • Schedule a call with the right Guide for them.
  • Talk with the Guide in total confidentiality.

Chat with a trained Guide

Where your people can:

Chat with the Guide of your choice in total confidentiality.

Our Online Community

Where your people can:

  • Engage in group discussion with other members.
  • Browse through personalized content with our Intelligence Assistance ™ Software.
  • Register to our webinars.
  • Chat 1-1 with a Guide of your choice.

Access original content

Where your people can find resourceful, insightful and inspiring content created for them, such as:

Podcast. Webinars. Blog. With tips, best practices to overcome life challenges and manage stress 

We all seek relief in different ways, so LifeGuides has built more than a one-way street to improve emotional health & well-being.

We’ve created an ecosystem that can reach all of your people, no matter what path feels most comfortable to them. Our network and community give your people a place to go so they can quickly start feeling whole again.

We exist to make your employees feel better.

Our clients report many benefits, including:

  • Greater individual efficiency and team productivity
  • Improved morale and accountability
  • Enhanced vitality & sharper focus
  • More resilience, optimism and positive attitude
  • Less stress and enhanced well-being

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How critical to you and your business is the emotional health & well-being of your people?