Cultivate Trust in the Covid Era

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST

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The definition of trust suggests that it is “a psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations of the intentions or behavior of another.”

In a Global PwC study, 55% of CEOs cite a lack of trust as the greatest threat to business growth. This statistic was true prior to the earth-shattering year that has been 2020. Now more than ever employees have an increase in chronic stress which has been directly linked to employee engagement and retention, customer retention, internal innovation, and greater purpose.

Here is the tricky thing about trust, it is:

  • Chemical and emotional
  • Time as well as situationally dependent
  • Overt while being passive

Inside of your company today, how can you elevate trust? As a leader how do you foster trust?

In this session, we will dive into both the why and the how around building greater trust. Built-in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, organizational trust is not just foundational but it can supercharge your organization towards greater results. Studies have found productivity rises by over 50% when employees site high amounts of organizational trust. In addition, given our current global human ecology, it is our responsibility as leaders to intentionally build relationships and foster greater trust with our employees. When the world is not a safe place, our companies should be.

Guest Presenter:

Stacie Mallen
Founder and Principal, Lead with Trust.

Coming from the perspective of a degreed chemist, 20+ years leading HR Teams and coaching top leaders, Stacie Mallen works to dive into the link between human behavior and organizational results. Behavioral economics, in conjunction with neuroscience, provides a unique perspective on the cornerstone to what Stacie believes drives healthy high-performing cultures, cultivating trust. From a proprietary trust-based leadership model to a learning series focused on the key foundations to building trust inside of teams, she has partnered with companies to accelerate growth while intentionally building compassion and high degrees of foundational trust. For that reason, she is excited to partner with Lifeguides who delivers key elements required to build trust through their platform, program, and leadership.

Learn more about Stacie and her work by visiting her website