Help Your People Navigate Their
Life Challenges

Join the growing movement of conscious leaders who are taking great care of their people

LifeGuides provides peer-to-peer support to help your people navigate & overcome their life challenges

As a successful leader, we know you want to take care of your people first, but you don’t always have the answers or the time to help. LifeGuides gives you an effective way to support everyone on your team by giving them access to trained Guides who’ve been through the same Life Challenges they’re facing

Our Trusted Clients

LifeGuides has created a platform to leverage three of the most valuable and untapped resources on the planet—life experience, wisdom, and human connection.

We use technology to create human connections and help people conquer their life challenges.

When you partner with LifeGuides, your people (and their significant others) have access to:

  • Unlimited conversations with our Guides
  • A private online community
  • Customized resources
  • Chat and text scheduling

Fast and Easy to Launch

We’re not a traditional benefit, so you don’t have to wait until open enrollment to offer LifeGuides to your people. We know you’re busy, so our team does the heavy lifting to get you set up and launched.

Fits With Your Existing Programs

Already have an EAP? We go where traditional EAPs don’t venture, so we’re a great addition your well-being program. Don’t have an EAP? LifeGuides is the perfect way to launch a new well-being initiative.

Custom Engagement Strategy

We work with you and your team members to create a custom engagement plan that aligns with your existing internal communication strategy and we provide anonymized utilization reports.

Life Challenges Are One of the Largest Causes of Employee Stress

Absenteeism and presenteeism are often fueled by Life Challenges, which can cost you thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity.

There's a Gap In Your Current Well-Being Solution

EAPs and other health benefits traditionally only cover 60% of life’s challenges, which means you may be leaving 40% or more of your people’s challenges uncovered.

LifeGuides is the Most Effective Way to Fill The Gap

LifeGuides has created an entirely new category in the TeleHealth space—Life Guidance Services. Our human-to-human support with personalized guidance can help your people navigate a broad range of day to day life challenges.

LifeGuides is here to help you help your people

Our transformative well-being solution can benefit your people in many ways:
  • Greater individual efficiency and team productivity
  • Improved morale and accountability
  • Enhanced vitality & sharper focus
  • More resilience, optimism and positive attitude
  • Less stress and improved well-being