Life Challenges are Inevitable

Everyone deserves personalized and experienced guidance

Enhance Your Culture of Caring

Life Challenges are Inevitable. At times, everyone needs Experienced and Personalized Guidance. Life Challenges come at any age and take many forms, from dementia of a loved-one, having your first child, to battling a disease, an autistic loved-one, a natural disaster home loss, a mid-life crisis or living with greater purpose.

LifeGuides pairs people who are going through a specific Life Challenge with Guides who have gone through the same Life Challenge. As pairs people for love, and Doctor-On-Demand finds doctors for patients, we match a Guide to each employee’s specific Life Challenge.

LifeGuides helps companies increase retention and recruiting, while reducing presenteeism loss, and enhancing your Culture of Caring. We provide a human-to-human network, of trained, paid and experienced Guides, to help employee families through their Life Challenges.

Beyond specialized Guides, every employee family has a personal Well-Being Concierge annual meeting, to match people to personalized guidance and resources.

Our pricing is radically affordable, and is as low as $2.50 per employee family per month, which includes a dozen Guide sessions per year for each spouse.

Our Story

Founded with the goal of reducing human struggle and suffering, LifeGuides has the mission “To grow a platform for caring people to do extraordinary good.”

Our founding team is mission-driven and focused on living in full life purpose, as we spread the innovation of The LifeGuides Network. Since our founding, numerous partners and investors have joined, as diverse as Facebook engineers, internationally recognized investment managers, and leading founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

We have the resources and team to “play big in our era of exponential creativity”. We encourage you to dream big with us, as we partner with enterprises, who will fuel us to reduce human suffering for 1 Billion people within 15 years.

To schedule time with one of our Directors, please click below. This meeting includes a free consultation and resources to help you more effectively meet your organizational and benefits goals. Together, we can achieve better outcomes in areas like presenteeism, absenteeism, culture, retention and recruiting.

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