Life Guidance Services

Life Challenges are the largest source of lost employee productivity in your organization. As a leader, we know you want to take care of your people first, but you don’t always have the answers or the time to help.
Introducing LifeGuides®

Life Challenges Are the
Largest Cause of Employee Stress

Stress is the #1 source of
lost productivity and enemy of Well-Being.

Are you leaving your people’s
Life Challenges uncovered?

Filling the Employee Benefits Gap

Classic Benefits, like EAP programs, do not cover the largest source of employee family vitality loss—everyday Life Challenges. LifeGuides offers human-to-human support with personalized guidance can help your people navigate a broad range of day to day life challenges.

*Number of people affected by Life Challenges is for U.S. only

Presenteeism Costs 7X Absenteeism

Unsupported Life Challenges are the largest source of Presenteeism.

*Based on CDC, GCC, EHS Today, and Virgin Pulse estimating the cost of Absenteeism and Presenteeism for U.S. businesses.

Surprisingly Affordable

The LifeGuides Network® is much more affordable than you might think. For $4.00 per employee per month, you receive:
  • Unlimited Guide calls and support complete spousal coverage
  • Personalized content & resources
  • Access to the full community
  • Chat, text, video calls, private Guide Calls

Affordable High-Touch Human Services

LifeGuides saves time for supervisors and HR teams

Refer distressed employees to supportive Life Guides.

Fast and Easy to Launch

Our services are relatively turn-key and easy to launch within a month of contracting. On balance, our services should save your HR team and supervisor’s time.

Fits With Your Existing Programs

We coordinate with existing benefits providers, such as an EAP, since there is no competition, given the unique design of our services.

Custom Engagement Strategy

We work with you and your team members to create a custom engagement plan that aligns with your existing internal communication strategy.

Our Clients are “Culture of Caring” Pioneers

Be a Superhero for Your Team!

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How We Can Help You?

Receive our 17-page report: Filling the Gap for Employers – The Eternal Solution of Peer-to-Peer Guidance to Foster Well-Being

LifeGuides® is your Partner in “Business as a Force for Good”