Make Employee Well-Being Your Number One Priority

Grow the movement of employers embracing the philosophy that taking great care of your people provides a direct impact to your organization’s success

Life Challenges are Inevitable

Everyone deserves experienced and personalized guidance

LifeGuides offers an unprecedented platform that matches people who are going through a specific Life Challenge with a trained and experienced guide who has successfully navigated the same challenge.

Our peer-to-peer network provides an effective and confidential way for your employees and their families to navigate life’s challenges while providing a positive impact on your organization’s success.

Enhance Your Culture of Caring™

LifeGuides provides a human-to-human network of experienced and continuously quality-rated Guides to help employee families through their Life Challenges

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Leading Employers Create Employee Well-Being

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We believe that serving all of our stakeholders is critical to our success.

Growing a Platform for Caring People to do Extraordinary Good

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