Debi Waldeck

Director of Business Development

Debi has spent three decades as a health and wellness entrepreneur. As a health entrepreneur Debi has helped thousands and has published three books, created the ‘Saving Generation Next’ preventative health program, introduced physicians to nutraceuticals, and is a past provider of continuing education credits.

Debi’s passion for helping people led her to work with Business Interface, Inc., recrafting the job readiness curriculum for the City of Hampton’s TANF program which resulted in increased job placement by those on welfare. Debi has worked as the Fundraising and Social Media Director for the New Horizons Regional Education Center and the New Horizons Educational Foundation raising over $250,000 in funds for student scholarships and honorariums.

Now, Debi begins a new and exciting chapter by joining LifeGuides, a public benefits corporation that will revolutionize the way people walk through life challenges and revolutionize the way corporations support their employees. Debi has a unique passion for helping people by ‘helping them help themselves with appropriate knowledge’. She always says, ‘if you aren’t finding the answer, then you need to ask a different question.’