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Watch below to see how the LifeGuides Network™ can help you navigate your life challenges with the help of an Expert Guide.

Getting Started

It’s very easy to activate your account and access your benefit.

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Activate Your Account

Activating your account is quick and easy.

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Well-Being Concierge

Call our personal Well-Being Concierge for an initial conversation. Our Concierge will listen to your needs and match you with a Guide who has been through the same Life Challenge you are facing.​ Your concierge can activate your benefit for you.

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Talk with a Guide

Talk Confidentially with a Guide from a place of empathy, wisdom, and easy relatability.

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Access personalized resources

Access Personalized, Expert-Curated Resources through our Intelligence Assistance ™ Software. You and your spouse are already enrolled.

Life Challenges Channels™

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You’re never walk alone with LifeGuides.


Call Your Well-Being Concierge Team Today!

You will be given an introductory conversation to learn how LifeGuides can help you navigate Life Challenges you or your spouse may be facing.


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